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If you are reading this, you must be bored.
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25th-Jun-2013 03:56 pm - I'm terrible keeping up to date...
Ciel Phantomhive
It's been about two years since I last updated... how bad am I? OTL

Well recently with my life, I have been diligently working on cosplay and work itself. I have a Disney World trip coming up next week and then a week after that is SDCC. I must have my Lilith cosplay ready by the end of this week. I have an obligation to help a couple of friends of mine at their booth. So much to do....so little time.

I played The Last of Us and it is BEYOND AMAZING! This game definitely IS the Game of the Year. I Love everything about it--even though it scares me.... ): But it is so riveting! and you get drawn in deep into that world and develop an emotional attachment to both Joel and Ellie. I HIGHLY recommend this game to anyone wanting to try it or something new.
21st-Sep-2010 11:48 am - Long Awaited Update
Armin Arlert

How is everyone doing? Everyone that is still here. It really has been an extremely long time, has it not? I would say--4 years?

A lot has changed since then. From my friends to living situation and style. I recently moved out of my parents house about a month ago and now live with my boyfriend. I also in a little mini web Resident Evil series that my twin and a friend created, but it expanded and we have our friends involved so it is a big group effort now.

Currently, I am ill. Been bedridden for almost 3 days now. I have caught a cold and fighting it off. I've never slept so much in my life before. It really reminds me of when I first met my friend Shari a few winters ago when I had a cold. I could swear she was cosplaying as little Bo Peep, but generally when I am sick, my vision is really skewed. It is better than yesterday, really what I am going through now is shaking, dizziness, slight joint pains, and a headache.

I've met and made some new friends, one of them whom is dear to me, made my profile and made my journal page gorgeous. Thank you Leslie.

As far as Cosplay plans. I'm finishing up on Pokemon, but I really want to work on my Ciel cosplay. I want to cosplay him so bad, it is almost like a dream. I will go all out for this character. I still have Lethe to do for a Fire Emblem cosplay, but she won't take too much time as much as Ciel would.
13th-Jun-2006 11:18 am - ATTENTION!!!!
Armin Arlert
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

-President of 3
12th-Jun-2006 10:29 pm - Nothing
Armin Arlert
Did nothing today really, worked on some dancing for the performance on the 1st of July. WATCHED FIFA!!!!!!!!!! ITALY WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOO!!!!!!!! That is pretty much it...My life so far: Sleep, Eat, work, FIFA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Games
7th-Jun-2006 01:56 pm(no subject)
Armin Arlert
By the way...I got paid...Muwahahahahaha
7th-Jun-2006 01:49 pm(no subject)
Armin Arlert
Well today is HOT!!! But that is why *horns blow* I HAVE POPSICLES!!!!! The awesomest thing ever! Who ever invented them was a friggen genius!
2nd-Jun-2006 08:49 pm - Blank..really
Armin Arlert
I do not know what to put here...........
..o o;;;....

^ ^;;

3rd-May-2006 06:25 pm - Back
Armin Arlert

Well I am back from the con. I have some pictures that I snagged from Soda-chan, XP

(Left: me {Kingdom Hearts 2- Sora} Right: Mirranda {Kingdom Hearts 2- Axel}

(Left top: Lauren {Kingdom Hearts 2- Aerith}, Center top: me {Kingdom Hearts 2 - Sora}, Left top:Mirranda {Kingdom Hearts 2 - Axel}, Left bottom: Cat (Final Fantasy VII- Red XIII), Left center- Nik (Kingdom Hearts 2 - Tifa)

That's it so far.

28th-Apr-2006 02:08 pm - Yay-ness
Armin Arlert
Alright, I admit to you all, I'm terrible at updating this thins...v v;;; Well I am doing well so far. I just live life along now not really caring about anything except FRIENDS & FAMILY. (Got it memorized? - Axel.) Thank you Axel, ^ ^ Well today is the convention day. I'll be cosplaying as "Sora" from "Kingdom Hearts 2" and oh my gosh.....I want to kill his hair and shoes, yes, I will personify his hair so that I can stab it if not once but more....o o;;; I think the skit will be OKAY, not great, but okat. We had a nice cosplay and skit altogether before the rules had been established, since then, change was in order. One minor problem we did have is that people were starting to drop out and I was getting sad from this, but there is nothing I can really do about it, in the end, it is their choice. So.....I will jst make a goodiebag for them, so they don't feel left out ^ ^.

Uh..so many things are going on at school, I don't think Lauren is in a very good mood, before I left, she was really upset, so I hope she feels better. GOOD LUCK LITTLE LADY! Nik (the boy) transfered out of school, so that was kind of sad I guess.

I decided to change the background and such on my journal as you can see. It's a small series that I have been reading for a while now, pretty cute story and very hilarious. It's called "Ouran High School Host Club"; the anime is just as good, it stays pretty close to the manga, but I have yet to finish the series and wait for the next manga volume to come out.

There is not much to say really, work, sleep, eat, school, bath, that is my life. Rarely do anything now, most of my friends think I have no life ><. but I think I do, I mean I am alive, so that makes me feel good enough.

Well I suppose I will be going now, about ready to finish loading the van so we can drive to the 2006 first annual "Shiokazecon" (I miss KAmiKaze, so much cooler >= P) which will be held April 28-30. See ya later.

P.S. I have found the camcorder battery charger XD

P.S.S. I'll take pictures and such XP
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