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Long Awaited Update 
21st-Sep-2010 11:48 am
Armin Arlert

How is everyone doing? Everyone that is still here. It really has been an extremely long time, has it not? I would say--4 years?

A lot has changed since then. From my friends to living situation and style. I recently moved out of my parents house about a month ago and now live with my boyfriend. I also in a little mini web Resident Evil series that my twin and a friend created, but it expanded and we have our friends involved so it is a big group effort now.

Currently, I am ill. Been bedridden for almost 3 days now. I have caught a cold and fighting it off. I've never slept so much in my life before. It really reminds me of when I first met my friend Shari a few winters ago when I had a cold. I could swear she was cosplaying as little Bo Peep, but generally when I am sick, my vision is really skewed. It is better than yesterday, really what I am going through now is shaking, dizziness, slight joint pains, and a headache.

I've met and made some new friends, one of them whom is dear to me, made my profile and made my journal page gorgeous. Thank you Leslie.

As far as Cosplay plans. I'm finishing up on Pokemon, but I really want to work on my Ciel cosplay. I want to cosplay him so bad, it is almost like a dream. I will go all out for this character. I still have Lethe to do for a Fire Emblem cosplay, but she won't take too much time as much as Ciel would.
21st-Sep-2010 05:08 pm (UTC)
Eeeee! You're welcome you gorgeous thing you! -huggles-

I hope you get better soon. I haven't been sick in ages,
but you know this lol. -huggles tighter- You have to
get better, wifey. I needs my little yummy Ciel when
I cosplay The Undertaker. :DDDDD
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