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If you are reading this, you must be bored.
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21st-Mar-2006 05:38 pm - Good news finally
Armin Arlert
I HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED TO SFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....

'nough said....>>


Finally, some good news..^ ^
16th-Feb-2006 08:41 am(no subject)
Armin Arlert
I see that I have three comments, but I am not going to look at them. the reason I say that, is because I want to apologize. I said things in that last entry, that I did not mean to say. I am sorry. I just felt so frustrated. I don't like abandoning people and thinking nothing of them. I just got so annoyed because I feel like I lost people close to me. I suppose I deserve this. I'm sorry everyone. I thought about what I had typed last night before I went to bed. I cried on it to sleep. I came up with a conclusion. ^ ^.....I have to let things just be instead of rushing for it to be alright. It takes time, but I just wanted things to go back to the way they are. I'm sorry again. I'm going to go now.
15th-Feb-2006 10:11 pm(no subject)
Armin Arlert
I do not know why I even try anymore. I try to say hello, smile and be friendly, but I suppose I am nothing. I am tired of crying over this. I can't believe I cried yesterday on the way home? What the hell was I thinking?! Why am I remorsing and retrospecting on memories that made me happy?! You know what? To hell with it. For once, I give up on something, I don't want to be nice to people if they are just going to laugh behind my back. Thanks
14th-Feb-2006 10:03 am - NOTICE
Armin Arlert
I know this may seem out of context and place, so please excuse me for this, but to those whom all are going to the SHIOKAZE-CON convention that is in the "Final Fantasy" group cosplay, please we need to get togther and finish "Cait Sith", so that we may move on to the next cosplayer. Also, Lauren (w) we must finish typing the skit and hand out the dialouge to all who are participating in the cosplay skit. Please contact as soon as possible, there is only about 2 months and a half. Thank you!
8th-Feb-2006 06:29 pm - It gets worse
Armin Arlert
My father is getting worse. I got a phone call about an hour and a half ago during work, it is worse than before. I tried to smile through it, but I started to break down in front of Tuan. I'm sorry... I don't know, but I'm sorry... It is impossible for me to talk right now, due to trauma, my vocals are sore now, so I cannot speak. I am currently using pen and paper. In five more hours, if my father does not show any signs of recovery, we have to send him to the emergency room. For a week now, he has not used the bathroom, and it has spreaded down to his lower half of his body. I do not know what to do, I am so scared... I'm so afraid... I'm sorry
7th-Feb-2006 06:11 pm - Worried sick
Armin Arlert
He is not getting any better, it has oved into his lungs and my father is so drugged. Yesterday I stayed home to look after him. Throughtout the whole day of school today, I really tried my best to smile, here at work as well. I don't know hiow much longer this will all last. He keeps saying "Put me out of my misery" But I suppose we are being selfish for not wanting him to give up. then he said if we ever have any animals and go through what he is, to spare them and put them out of misery.

My head hurts from all this anxiety and being worried. I called him an hour ago to check on him, but he can barely speak now. Thankfully I could decipher what he had to say. Heh, he gave me a nickname today. "Sweetie" that is a first.
5th-Feb-2006 11:40 am - It hurts more
Armin Arlert
I had the most wonderful wake up this morning. My mother is telling me we have to rush my father to the emergency room. It has been two weeks now and my fathers health has not been progressing. At this point I am trying to keep a smile and act like it is all okay, but for the first time....My father spoke to me in a fatherly way this morning...

"I have money saved for you and your sister for college, don't be stupid and waste it all. It is insurance money. Please be wise with it and earn a steady job after college"...

I can't take this...Even though I know how my father is all the things he should not have called me and done, but he loved me and gave me tough love. I love him very much, and him saying that....it's killing me...To watch him suffer in the bed this morning, He could not breathe...I can't take this...I saw my father cry for the very first time...I can't take this...
2nd-Feb-2006 05:17 pm(no subject)
Armin Arlert
At home has been..."okay" I guess. Blah, I'm so tired. My dad is still very ill. I am really worried.
30th-Jan-2006 05:25 pm(no subject)
Armin Arlert
Hm...today was okay. ^ ^ New years was great yesterday! MAtt came over <3 ^ ^ It was pretty funny. It was Lauren, Matt and Ben that came over for new years. Shane and his girlfriend were going to come over, but they didn't so that is okay. Either way, it was fun. I suppose I am upset about somethings, but I am tired of crying, so it is going to drop in my mind. There is a big deal out of nothing, so whatever. To continue being like this, I need to grow up, can't be a child anymore when my life is coming towards me.

We have to do a MOVIE!!!!! It is so awesome, Mirranda, Lauren (m), Ashley (w), Lidia, Rikki, and myself are to make a movie for theater class! It is so cool. I talked to Tuan about being i the movie! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA XP Well got customers! See ya ^ ~
28th-Jan-2006 12:21 am(no subject)
Armin Arlert

Which FF Character Are You?

Today was okay. Family still wired and such. *sigh* So much guilt right now...what do I do?
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