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If you are reading this, you must be bored.

18 July
A Secretive Smile

Height: 5'3
Weight: 120 lbs
Blood type: A

Interests: Tea, music, anime, videogames, COSPLAY, books, bats, cute kitties, crows, cute things in general, food, certain vintage things, gardening, photography, baking and ADVENTURE!!!!!!!

Dislikes: Not using the indicator/ signal light when turning or switching lanes while driving, cheaters, stupidity (the idiotic kind), people who think they are all that but in reality their ego is just too large for them to see what is actually going on, people being pushed on, really hot weather, soda, bee stings, and cocky people who can't back up their statements.

I really love to cosplay and want to continue to do more! I've been cosplaying I guess since I was in middle school (7th grd) when my twin and our friend did CardCaptors....LOL it was our first so it was not amazing but it was truly fun. I really like being able to sew something wonderful and take my time on it so it comes out beautifully. I would like to continue making new friends in this industry as well as cosplay with them and my friends I usually cosplay with.

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